PROINELCA POWER’s main objective is to satisfy the needs of our customers in a global market, with flexibility and adapting to the needs of the market being competitive. We have the opportunity to offer highly specialized services, with highly qualified personnel in the areas of electrical engineering, mechanics, control and automation.

We are developing an expansion plan to physically implant ourselves in other markets (Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, etc …) to strengthen our acting capacities locally.


Being an outstanding company in the world of energy complying with the most demanding standards and standards, being recognized for its quality, dedication, respect and good work. Maintaining a team committed to excellence, which works in an environment that encourages professional and personal development.


To be a company of integral services of engineering, manufacture and commissioning, oriented to satisfy the needs of electrical, industrial and infrastructure companies. Our clients are companies that carry out projects that contribute to the economic development of countries, which value excellence, long-term relationships and business ethics. We create value for our clients by carrying out integral solutions that guarantee performance, safety, quality and respect for the environment.

Organizational values

The identity of PROINELCA POWER is the support of the decisions and behaviors reflected by its employees, who are represented in our type of business.


We are firm in our actions, we comply with our agreements and act with honesty, integrity, fairness and ethics.


We are involved in every initiative we undertake, making responsibility a fundamental concept for events to occur as planned.


We try to do our work in an organized, relentless and efficient way, conceiving every day as an occasion for a continuous improvement of our services and processes, as well as the relationship with our clients.


We are constant and proactive in achieving the objectives and goals that we set, we try to improve our results and our productivity based on good performance.

Customer orientation

We work to offer integral solutions that are profitable for the clients and that allow us to earn their trust, so that they move to a long-term relationship. We make services an imperative to convert satisfaction into loyalty.

Principles of our management

Are the rules of behavior that must be followed by those who make up the structure of the organization, to ensure the possibility of business.

Safety, health, quality and environment assurance

We manage the company giving priority to the safety and health of our employees, the quality of each project and the protection of the environment.


We are relentless in complying with work methods. We continuously apply the instruments provided by the management system, certifying compliance with standards to the delight of our clients’ requirements.


Productivity is continuously the main objective of our management. We try to improve the performance of assigned resources in each job, achieving greater production and profitability.


We seek to be leaders in our business and promote it at all levels of the organization, seeking leadership to move the structure towards the achievement of the main objectives of the company.

Team work

We work on the basis of shared objectives and goals. We achieve that teamwork is the best way to work to achieve the objectives set.

Technology and innovation

We encourage innovative attitudes in services, systems and work procedures that improve productivity and proposals to customers. We seek that good ideas are transformed into opportunities for change.

Human capital development

We support our management in the formation of involved and dedicated work teams, we continuously develop their work competencies.

Profitability and growth

We execute all our operations under the highest demands of profitability and growth. Our management is based on a good level of performance of our work teams and with the responsibility in the interests of our shareholders, customers and employees.