Quality policy

The Quality Policy of PROINELCA Power, S.L. is one of the basic tenets of the Company’s philosophy. Hence, in order to achieve the objectives appointed for its full compliance, the management team is committed to dedicating the necessary economic, technological and human efforts, so that the organization, its development of new technology and HR management are prioritized within the development of our quality and environmental policy.

PROINELCA Power, SL, is aware of the need to improve the systems of quality management and comply with both clients’ requirements and regulatory obligations. Therefore, the company is bound to the creation, enhancement and development of the Quality Department, whose actions are based on the following basic points:

  • To focus our efforts and resources towards the continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services, demonstrating our clients our capacity of reaction.
  • To make Proinelca Power’s Quality System stand out from our those of our competitors.
  • The increase of quality will optimize the company’s efficiency and its management system.
  • To seek the involvement and active participation of all employees at all organizational levels, since their contribution is key for the improvement of the quality of PROINELCA Power, S.L.
  • To provide our employees with constant and effective training, ensuring the necessary knowledge update for achieving higher production quality.
  • To grant the necessary tools to detect any non-conformity in the system, processes and/or services and products, in order to determine and eliminate its cause through the application of the corresponding corrective actions.
  • To involve our clients, contractors, suppliers and partner companies in the acknowledgement of quality requirements, as well as in the processes set to obtain satisfactory results.
  • To make use of technological advances to promote quality and to minimize waste generation, dumping and emissions, promoting the rational use of natural resources.

Our commitment with quality must be present in our staff, in addition to being the basis of all our work methods.

This quality policy has been notified to all staff, and is understood, applied and kept up to date at all levels of the Company. Its efficacy and compliance is regularly monitored.